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Engredo partner in a new project, funded by Future Food Innovation

Engredo is proud to be partner in a new and innovative product development project, with Danish market leader in protein - and nutritional enrichment for elderly TOFT-CARE A/S, product development - and tablet manufacturing specialists Pedersen's Laboratorium ApS and the nutritional research and development unit of Aalborg University Hospital, KULINARIUM.

The project (SUPERTAB) will, based on patients needs and requirements for compliance, develop customized protein tablets, suitable for elderly with poor appetite and dysphagia (difficulty in swallowing) and others with need for additional protein enrichment, in their daily diet.

It is furthermore a project aim to seek development og protein tablets which may also stimulate saliva secretion, making it possible to take tablets ahead of a meal and supporting the overall experience of the meal.

The project is realized with funds from Future Food Innovation - a Danish organization rooted in Agro Food Park, aiming to strengthen the power of innovation and ensure an internationally competitive food industry.

The project runs from December 2019 to September 2020.