Engredo supplies taste neutral proteins (collagen peptides) and gelatin, from ASC certified origin - suitable for food, food supplement and pharma applications.

ASC certified - sustainable raw materials

Fish collagen protein peptides and - gelatin supplied by Engredo, are based on single source, fresh and ASC certified raw materials (fish skins). As such, the most environmentally friendly and social responsible choice in the market, guaranteeing:

  • High consistency and uniformity (no blending of fish species / qualities)
  • High purity and safety (full control of the supply chain)
  • Low carbon foot print vs. bovine, porcine and wild caught alternatives
  • 100% traceable and fully transparent supply chain
  • Fresh raw materials (within 24 hours from slaughter)
  • Ethical (social responsibility) and environmentally sustainable from start to finish

Fish collagen protein peptides

Collagen peptides, compared with other hydrolyzed proteins such as soy or whey, does not a have bitter taste that needs to be masked in the final product. Furthermore, in contrast to other proteins (milk, soy, etc.), collagen peptides are not known to have an allergenic potential.

18 key amino acids and excellent solubility

Collagen peptides are a versatile source of protein and important element of health nutrition. Collagen peptides are small molecules with an average molecular weight of about 1000-2000 Daltons and are characterized by a combination of 18 key amino acids and excellent cold-water solubility, even in highly concentrated solutions they do no form a gel.

Many applications

Collagen peptides have been specifically developed to deliver multiple health benefits and functional properties. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the ability of collagen peptide to promote healthy living and benefits in key areas such as;

  • Promoting skin beauty from within
  • Keeping moving joints, bones and building muscle
  • Sports – and active nutrition, weight management

Fish gelatin

Fish gelatin is widely used in many different food matrixes and pharmaceutical applications. Engredo is specilized in delivering fish gelatin for hard - and soft gelatin applications used in the food supplement and pharma industry.

We supply bloom strengths of 120-280 gram, and add value to your fish gelatin application, by supplying a high quality material from single - and certified sustainable and traceable source.


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